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Juin 2009

Two of my works will be shown at the Galerie d'art d'Outremont from the 2nd to the 14th of June for an exhibition organized by la Société d'histoire d'Outremont.

Click on La moulerie d'Outremont to see the invitation.


January 2009


The Knowlton gallery is moving to a marvelous location... more spacious... beautiful. You should visit again. The owner is my sister Françoise. I will have larger paintings.

Click on the house, you will see its address

Décembre 2008

My brush strokes are becoming more and more bold!


Décembre 2008

For the last year, I have been invited to give five conferences for artist associations in Dorval, Lachine, Kirkland and Pierrefonds.

During these evenings I comment the work of attending artists, proposing possible changes for further improvements.


September 2008


A studio in Marquixanes !

An old house in a medieval village in the Pyrénées Orientales. This is the place where I will spend most of the winters, where the light has attracted the impressionists. An old dream comes true !

September 2008


Workshop at Bar Harbor, Maine, for additional mastering of impressionist techniques with Lois Griffel.

August 2008


A new subject matter is taking place : wild nature at Sacacomie hotel


February 2008


It has been an honor to be invited as special guest for an artist exhibition


September 2007


An evening of painting for the public at the Galerie Royale in Québec City

August 2007


A stimulating month in Paris, a city full of museums and bistros... then on to Provence to experience the light that inspired the impressionists. And I saw the light!!


My biggest painting yet ... 60"x 60" inches, a painting for the Galerie Le Royer.

60x60, now that's big. Taller than some of you!

Click for a full-screen image!



June 2007

Tenth Anniversary:
 Ten years in my studio at 4710



Spring 2007

I 've posted a new photo so you'll recognize me -- without the beard!

According to some of you, I look ten years younger!

Click on the image to see for yourself!


December 2006

Opening of Galerie Knowlton's second floor.
Bigger, wider and more beautiful than ever!

September 2006

The artists of 4710 St-Ambroise joined to form the ASSOCIATION DES ARTISTES DU CANAL LACHINE and opened a gallery space at the building's main entrance.

July 2006

Some of the artists from the Le Royer and Saint-Dizier galleries met in my studio in a show of friendship for Julie Parenteau. It was a wonderful evening, as you can see by clicking on the image. Everyone loves Julie!


Sunday, July 9  -  a day of painting at the Maison Saint-Gabriel.

It was a beautiful day, and all my friends were there.



I am now represented by an art gallery in Trois-Rivières, the Galerie d'art Maistre, located in Old Trois-Rivières at 856 rue des Ursulines. Suzanne Maitre will be happy to welcome you.


In the fall of 2005, I found a new subject : narrow streets and back lanes.



October 2005

In Québec City, I am now represented by Galerie Royale,
53 rue Saint-Pierre, at the corner of Côte de la Montagne.

(418) 692-2244



A painting of Maison Saint-Gabriel, which will be used on the Maison Saint-Gabriel's Christmas cards for the 2006 and 2007 seasons




I was invited to lead a workshop for a dozen people on Monday, November 21, 2005 at the Atelier de peinture de Lachine.

July 2005

July 6th: lecture and demonstration as guest artist at the Petite école d'art de Magog, as in August 2004.


May 2005

The annual Open House was again a great success thanks to the many friends and visitors who came to the building. Here are sculptor Roger King, Michèle Kramer, two artists who show at Galerie Knowlton, and painter Michel Monette.

March 2005

The CN project for artistic representation in south-western Montréal: a fund-raising activity benefiting the Maison Saint-Gabriel in Pointe Saint-Charles.

October 2004

I began working on a new subject in the autumn of 2004: scenes of the town of Knowlton.



Issue 65 (Fall 2004) of the prestigious review Magazin'Art included a 3-page article about me in French  -- and 3 pages in English as well! Amélie Ménard wrote the article.

August 2004

Demonstration/lecture for the Painting Workshop at the Petite École d'art de Magog.

A similar lecture was given on November 22 at the Maison du Brasseur in Lachine.


June 2004

Opening of the Galerie Knowlton, where I show scenes of the town. A very special gallery...I know the owner well: she's my little sister Françoise. The official opening took place on June 19th. Go visit Françoise: she has many beautiful works of art and handicrafts to show you.

The gallery is located in the heart of the town at its main intersection, 285 Chemin Knowlton, facing the Knowlton Inn.


April 2004 

Issue  63 (Spring 2004) of Magazin'Art presented an article about my next show in its column entitled "Les gens qui font l'événement " as well as a full- page advertisement.


PARCOURS, L'INFORMATEUR DES ARTS,  2004-2005 annual of "Arts et des plaisirs de la vie" published an article by Nathalie Paquin, in which she wrote, "There are those who choose their path out of necessity, others out of curiosity, still others -- like Pierre Desjardins -- choose because of the challenge. Following a 30-year career as a scientist, he chose the life of an artist for much the same reason: to meet the challenge. But for this man who is not afraid of hard work and who puts his incredible powers of analysis to good use, the sky is clear and the road well-paved."


October 2003-April 2004

A period of great productivity, hidden in my studio at 4710 Saint-Ambroise! Very few get to see my work as I prepare for my show, which will open at Galerie Le Royer in early May.

August 2003

I had the pleasure of participating in the Lieutenant Governor's Symposium at Mosaïcultures de Montréal. I was honoured to meet a very distinguished individual, the Honourable Lise Thibault, Lieutenant Governor of Québec. I posed for posterity with my son and grandsons.
I painted on site and thanks to this lovely experience, I had the chance to meet some thirty artists, some of whom have been my friends for many years.