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Curriculum Vitae




Artistic approach

Even though Pierre Desjardins became a physicist and went on to a career in telecommunications, he was born a painter. He began a new life at the age of 52 when he took up his paintbrushes again, although he had never completely put them aside. Now he dedicates himself exclusively to his art. Pierre paints light, following the lead of his emotions and joining the ranks of the great Impressionist school of painters.

 Desjardins learned quickly, and it was not long before he gained recognition. He has made a name for himself in urban painting without ever falling prey to simplistic notions. He remains very demanding of himself in his desire to communicate his wonder at the scenes that delight or move him. A tireless worker, Desjardins continually improves his technique and his palette of colours in order to better serve the light that is his passion.

 More than ten years later, Pierre Desjardins confides, ”I am always in search of luminosity, and I pursue that special something that still escapes me, a unique recipe, a certain light à la Desjardins, a light that can communicate all the complexity and the poetry of contemporary urban life.“ 

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After a rather solitary childhood, growing up on a farm, I spend the majority of my free time drawing. Life having a way of leading you down unexpected paths took me into scientific rather than artistic studies (BSc Physics). And life continued on to marriage, children, and a career in telecommunications which gave me the opportunity to travel around the world for several years.

Painting remains a constant through my life and occupies my leisure time. Over the years, it becomes a challenge, an obsession and finally a passion to which I have decided to commit myself entirely.

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Professional Training       

Art History, Quebec University in Montreal 2000-2004
Visual Art Certificate, Quebec University in Montreal 1996-1998
Mission Renaissance School - Painting and Drawing - Montréal 1988 à 1997
BSc. Physics, University of Montreal 1960 à 1964

Professional Development

Probably as a result of my background in science, I decided to study and master the impressionist painter's technique which provide me with the means to render on canvas the glowing effect of light that I am looking for. Most of my work and instruction have been in that direction and will continue in the same vein.


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